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what if you could drive leads for your B2B company and only pay for the results?

Traction is an outbound agency which combines the power of LinkedIn & email together to drive meeting-ready leads for your B2B Company.

If we don't perform, you don't pay. simple.

How it Works

We find prospects who are ready to engage.

We utilise our proven sales system which consistently serves leads to your organisation month on month.


Market Research

A/B Split Experiments

Smart Targetting

We aggregate 20+ lead databases using state-of-the-art technology to find leads who are most likely to purchase your service/product.

Only Pay for Qualified Leads

We have a very straight forward and clear definition of what is a qualified lead and what isn't. This is set out at the very start to avoid any confusion or disagreement as to what should receive lead commission and what shouldn't.

Monthly Reporting

We feel that weekly reporting isn't efficient and tedious for both parties. Each month, we will update you in full of our campaign performances and what we will be adding into our next month to improve our results together.

Humble setup fee

Most lead generation agencies charge thousands for setup, we take in a fraction of this price. This covers consulting and planning hours in the first initial months. Along with maintenance for contact; credits, sourcing and verification accuracy. 

Turn Campaigns On/Off

We have had 1/2 clients who have requested to turn their campaigns off due to a high volume of leads (good problem to have.) We work in sprints of 90 days, after each sprint you get the option to turn off your campaigns.

Who do we work with?

We work with companies who have a validated and enticing offer with a strong sense of their ideal customer profile (ICP) who have acheived success and are now looking to scale their sale approach. 

We are not in the business of saving companies.

Cold outreach dead? well...
how do we get repeatable success.

Our Secret Sauce (Situational-Based Targetting)

Running bulk emails to your Total Addressable Market (TAM) just doesn't work anymore. We build on your current targeting persona by working out "the situation."

For instance, customers that buy from you are software companies who have 11-50 employees in the US. That is your "high level ICP."

We can go one rung further. Let's say customers in that ICP buy from you when they have "3 or more software engineers and are hiring for a 'solutions architect' role in their team and their CRM is Hubspot."


We drive personalised outreach based on the situation, not just a generic message which produces little to no ROI.

Hubspot CV.png

Our Work

We have worked with organisations across many different industries. For obvious reasons our clients like to keep their engagement private with us. Here are some featured results of our work.

Client Industry: Media



Contacts engaged: 500

Campaign Length: 2 months

Open Rate: 55%

Opportunities Created: 26

Pipeline Value Generated: £60k

Client Industry: Sustainability



Contacts engaged: 1000

Campaign Length: 3 months

Open Rate: 40%

Opportunities Created: 25

Pipeline Value Generated: £100k

Client Industry: Real-Estate



Contacts engaged: 500

Campaign Length: 2 months

Open Rate: 60%

Opportunities Created: 22

Pipeline Value Generated: £200k

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